Flow Data, Coefficients, Calculations & Pressure Drop
Flow Coefficients (Cv):
(Applicable to SS316 and Alloy 20)

Cv for size 1/2" = 4.25
Cv for size 3/4" = 9.56
Cv for size 1" = 17
Cv for size 1.5" = 40
Cv for size 2" = 111
Cv for sizes 3", 4" = 210

Note: Flow rates shown above are for water.

Flow Calculations: Given the pressure drop and the specific gravity of the liquid, the flow rate can be calculated by the following formula:

Flow Data Equation
    Q = Flow in US gallons per minute (gpm)
    Cv = Coupling Flow Coefficient (Cv is defined as the amount of flow of water in gpm for one psi drop in pressure across the coupling)
    G = Specific Gravity of liquid (water = 1.0)
    ∆P = Pressure drop across Coupling, psi