Reduce worker exposure to hazardous materials. Product transfers are clean and product losses eliminated. Truck unloading is faster, easier, and safer.

  Drip-free Design

Minimizes exposure to fluids in the line

Eliminates costly clean-ups

Offers greater protection for workers and the environment

Eliminate spills and clean-ups in your plant. Dry Link is used on solvent switching manifolds to allow leak-free transfer of solvents to multiple tanks.

No Spills

Identical disc halves securely shut-off flow in the line.

Mechanical interlock prevents accidental openings

Discs are closed and sealed before Coupler and Adapter can be separated

When product loss is a major cost of doing business, reduce your operating expenses with Dry Link. Here ingredients are dispensed to a batch reactor in the blending room of a cosmetics plant.


Better Flow

Fewer internal components create a better flow rate

Smooth bore and simple configuration of coupling results in minimal pressure drop

Ideal for higher viscosity fluids

Using Dry Link on vertical lines is an ideal application. With its drip-free design the work area remains clean and safe. Unloading large containers like this rail car is faster thanks to the superior flow characteristics of Dry Link.

Easier Operation
Up to 50% lighter than comparable dry disconnect units

Built-in swivel in Coupler eases hose alignment. Optional swivel on Adapter

Parts are accessible for easy maintenance