Dry Link Coupling Main Seal | Perfluoroelastomer, FFKM material

Toughest elastomer available

Broad chemical compatibility
Elastomeric PTFE (Perfluoroelastomer, FFKM: Trade names: Chemraz®, Kalrez®, Perlast®, Simrez®)
Perfluoroelastomer elastomeric seals do not score as easily as PTFE (Teflon®) seals do. They have the broadest chemical resistance of any elastomer.

In addition, they combine the resilience and sealing force of an elastomer with chemical resistance approaching that of PTFE.

These seals last longer in harsh environments over a wide range of temperatures and are often the cost-effective solutions to difficult sealing problems.
Main Seals are also available in elastomeric EPDM & VITON® (Fluoroelastomer, FKM) materials.
Teflon®,Viton® and Kalrez® are the registered trademarks of Dupont Dow Elastomers Company.
Chemraz® is the registered trademark of Green Tweed Company.
Perlast® is a registered trademark of Precision Polymer Engineering Ltd.
Simrez® is a registered trademark of Freudenberg-NOK.