Maximum working pressure
Nominal Size Stainless 316 and Alloy 20 Hastelloy C
½" (DN 15), ¾" (DN 20) & 1" (DN 25) 210 psi (14.3 bar) 210 psi (14.3 bar)
1½" (DN 40) 210 psi (14.3 bar) 210 psi (14.3 bar)
2" (DN 50) 150 psi (14.3 bar) 210 psi (14.3 bar)
3" & 4" (DN 80 & DN 100) 120 psi (8.3 bar) Not applicable
For one-time field test only, the maximum joint working pressure may be increased to 1½ times the figures shown.
Bending Moments (coupled assembly)
Maximum 200 ft-lb. (271 n●m) at the swivel
Tested to 20" (711 mm) Hg vacuum in all positions without leakage.
Operating temperature range
(Viton®) or EPDM seals
-20° to + 230°F
(-29° to +110°C)
PTFE seals +20°F to +230°F
(-7 to + 110°C)
Comtact Dry Link for higher or lower tempreture limit requirements.
Wetted metal parts*
Standard All 316 stainless steel
ASTM A351, Grade CF8M
Optional Alloy 20
ASTM A351, Grade CN7M
Optional Hastelloy C
ASTM A494, Grade CW2M
*Disc is electroless nickel plated to reduce galling.
(FKM, Viton®)
Typically used for oxidizing acids, petroleum oils, halogenated hydrocarbons, lubricants, hydraulic fluids, or organic liquids.
EPDM Typically used with dilute acids, ketones, or alcohol.
PTFE Typically used with most chemicals and solvents.
Typically used for higher temperatures and for fluids that have suspended grit.
For special applications and optional materials, please contact Dry Link.