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Since 1994, Dry Link’s patented dry-disconnect couplings have been specified throughout the chemical and pharmaceutical industries for the safe transfer of toxic liquids. With the continual development of new products, we now introduce sanitary, High-Containment, Split-Butterfly Valves (HCV) that can assure safe and secure transfer of toxic powders in the pharmaceutical manufacturing processes of pills and capsules. Toxic powders known as Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, often mixed with “excipients,” have long presented safety risks to plant operators during powder transfer. The transfer process requires stringent Occupational Exposure Level limits. We have solved this problem, thanks to the patented seal design of our HCV.

Our High-Containment Valve features a split-butterfly valve design consisting of two halves of a body. Two identical, thin-profile disc halves rotate in unison to create an excellent flow path. A single flow-control handle opens both discs simultaneously. Our sealing design ensures clean, secure and safe product transfer. Built-in safety interlocks prevent accidental separation. The Coupler half and the Adapter half are bidirectional meaning that either half of the valve can be used as Active or Passive. Our sanitary HCV offers the same level of performance as competing valves while being up to fifty percent lighter, thus making it easier to operate. Plus our pricing is a fraction of competing valves.

High-Containment Valves are available in SS316 and Hastelloy C materials. These valves are available in sizes 1” (DN 25), 1½” (DN 40), 2” (DN 50), 3” (DN 75) and 4” (DN 100) with wide choices of body materials, seal materials and end connections. Valve inside surfaces are polished to 20 RA micro-inch (0.5 RA microns) smooth finish to minimize adhesion of solids to the valve, with optional mirror finish on the outside. We also offer optional unpolished internals at economy prices. Efficient cleaning can be done using CIP/SIP methods.

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