Coupling Repair/Refurbish
  Dry Link couplings can be easily repaired or refurbished using replacement parts that can be ordered through your distributor. Our maintenance manuals and videos offer in depth instructions for restoring couplings to fully functional condition. However, situations arise where you may want us to repair your couplings. We have set up an in house maintenance program where we can repair/refurbish your couplings. When you send us your couplings for refurbishment, we will do the following:

Inspect your couplings and prepare an estimate for labor and parts. Estimate is free.
Our estimate will consist of cost of replacement part(s) and labor to repair the couplings. Labor will include cleaning and replacing worn out parts, and pressure testing to insure couplings pass our leak test standard.
Turnaround time would vary depending upon the quantity of couplings repaired.
After you authorize repairs, we will then proceed with repairing the couplings.
On repair jobs, no explicit warranty would be issued.