Download Maintenance Manuals from the below links. For troubleshooting tips, click here.

To replace the Main Seal, use of the Seal Replacement Tool is highly recommended. This Tool can be ordered from your distributor. We recommend you watch a short video illustrating a proper use of the Seal Replacement Tool. To watch this video, please click here.
  Maintenance Manual for sizes 1" and 1-1/2"
File size is 1,100 KB
   Maintenance Manual for sizes 2", 3", and 4
 File size is 4,000 KB
   Maintenance Manual for Hastelloy C Couplings
 File size is 757 KB
  For Maintenance Manual for Sanitary Couplings, please click here.
SANITARY, high-purity couplings are normally specified with the following optional features. When ordering replacement parts for sanitary couplings, please remember to specify the appropriate optional features (see below) that were specified when you purchased the original couplings. If you are unsure, please contact us for guidance.

Internal wetted parts polished to 20 RA mirror finish (polished disc)
FDA compliant seals
USP compliant seals.

Maintenance Manuals for Sanitary Couplings are the same as for standard couplings shown above.                                                                                                Close
  Tips on Troubleshooting coupling problems
  Videos showing maintenance procedures