Typical Dry Link Installations*

Locations in U.S.A.

Pensacola, FL

Nylon Mixture Additive

Kalamazoo, MI

Switching Manifold – Misc. Solvents

Groton, CT

Batch Reactor Heating/Cooling -Glycols

Bristol, PA

Rail Car Unloading - Butyl Acetate

Geismar, LA

Truck & Rail Unloading - Aniline/Nitrobenzine

Hoboken, NJ

Switching Manifold - Fatty Alcohols

Willow Island, WV

Solvent Transfer - Toluene, Methanol

Baltimore, MD

Tank Container Unloading - Enzymes

Hammond, IN

Tank Farm Manifold – Petroleum Distillates, Paraffin, Olefins

Beacon, NY

Transfer Stations – Gasoline Blends

Burkville, AL

Fluid Transfer – 50% Caustic

Springfield, MO

Heated Batch Transfer Tanks – Glycols and end products

Pennsauken, NJ

Switching Rack – Miscellaneous Solvents

Richmond, VA

Batch Transfer – Hair Coloring Liquid

Deer Park, TX

Fluid Transfer Stations – Oil Additives

Winnemucca, NV

Fluid Transfer – 50% Caustic

Adrian, MI

Transfer Totes – Silicon Oil

Chicago, IL

Fluid Transfer – Specialty Chemicals

Hayward, CA

Switching Rack – Styrene monomer/methacrylic acid

Convent, LA

Hose Manifold – 50% Caustic

Mt. Clements, MI

Fluid Transfer – Resins

Clinton, IN

Transfer Manifold – Miscellaneous Solvents

Schenectady, NY

Rail and Truck Loading/Unloading – Acids and Molten Phenol Wax

State College, PA

In-Plant Transfer – 37% Formaldehyde

Florence, KY

Bulk Fluid Transfer

Pittsburgh, PA

Bulk Fluid Transfer

Elkton, VA

Fluid Transfer – Isopropyl Acetate

Greenville, OH

Bulk Fluid Transfer

New Brunswick, NJ

Bulk Fluid Transfer

Lynhurst, NJ

Fluid Transfer – Xylene

Decatur, AL

Fluid Transfer – Acetic Acid

Towanda, PA

Fluid Transfer

Kansas City, KS

Railcar unloading – 50% caustic

Mt. Clements, MI

Fluid Transfer – Resins

Clinton, IN

Transfer Manifold – Miscellaneous Solvents

Milwaukee, WI

Batch Transfer – Various Adhesives and Coatings

Charlotte, NC

Fluid Transfer – Butadiene

Roundrock, TX

Fluid Transfer – Miscellaneous Solvents

Elkton, VA

Tanker Truck Transport – Avermecton

Westwego, LA

Tank Car Unloading – Acrylonitrils

Torrence, CA

Truck Unloading – Miscellaneous Hydrocarbons

Decatur, IL

Truck Loading – Ethanol

Shelby, NC

Fiberglass Process Chemicals

Joliet, IL

Railcar Unloading – Epoxy Resins

Rochester, NY

Fluid Transfer – Acetone, Waste Solvents

Beltsville, MD

Solvent Transfer

Green, SC

Waste Treatment Plant – Specialty Chemicals

Rahway, NJ

Fluid Transfer – Brine Solution

Newberry, SC

Fluid Transfer – Cleaning fluid

Other Locations

Barcelonota, PR

Tank Container Unloading

Grangemouth, Scotland

Benzene emission

Hythe, England

Fluid Transfer – Chemical Resins for Plastics

West Yorkshire, England

Process Transfer

Dunkirk, England

Bulk Transfer

Enfield, England

Waste Chemicals

Wellingborough, England

Chemical Transfer

Baltimore, MD

Tank Container Unloading - Enzymes

Other locations with various Applications
Spain Puerto Rico
Germany Singapore
Australia China
Canada Trinidad, West Indies
Mexico Malaysia
South Africa Indonesia
Brazil Thailand
Japan New Zealand
Vietnam Chile

* The applications listed above represent "typical" applications. Each application is unique and our couplings may not be suitable for all applications. We strongly recommend that the customer first tryout a set of our couplings for their application before purchasing large quantities. Customer assumes full responsibility for the selection of our couplings and/or materials for their application. Please read our complete Terms&Conditions/Warranty information.