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Size Required: ½" (DN15) ¾" (DN20) 1" (DN25) 1½" (DN40) 2" (DN50) 3" (DN80) 4" (DN100)
End Connection Required: NPT (female) BSPP (female) Butt-weld
Flanged Triclover
Other (please specify)
Material of Body Required: SS 316 Alloy 20 Hastelloy C
Material of Main Seal Required: PTFE Fluoroelastomer (FKM, Viton) EPDM
Perfluoroelastomer (FFKM, Chemraz)
Optional Requirements: Sanitary with 20 RA polished internals FDA Seals
USP Seals Keyed Couplings Remote Indication
For Material Selection Guide, please refer to http://drylink.com/matcompguide.html 
For How to Order Information, please refer to http://drylink.com/contact3.html 
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